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January 31, 2017

Sharing is Caring at The Port

A study by the Appetite Journal suggests that sharing a meal with others actually makes you a better person! Since the early days, food has been connected with cooperation and promotes prosocial behaviour.
Some of my most favourite memories are paired with sharing food with a close group of friends or my family. It’s a way to show how much you care and creates a special connection for those who are involved.

There’s a difference between ‘sharing a meal’ and sharing food. The full bonding effect comes when food is served on a large platter and meant to shared. Down at The Port, we appreciate this and have adopted sharing food as our speciality
We have a range of delicious dishes, created to share. If you're looking to come visit us and not sure what to order, some of our favourites to share are:
- Char Grilled Deep Sea King Prawns with Garlic Butter and Chilli - for $24.
- The Hot + Cold Seafood Plate, loaded with King Prawns, Baby Octopus, Cured Salmon, Kingfish Sashimi, Salted Cod Croquettes and Fried School Prawns, all for $60. 
- We are also loving the succulent Boneless Fried Chicken with Watermelon Hot Sauce.

Next time you have a corporate meeting, dinner with friends, or a private celebration, consider The Port as a venue with a wide range of shareable platters from the Sea & the Land! We are sure that you will also find a favoured accompanying drop from our carefully selected list of twenty-six wines.
We are more than happy to cater for your sharing needs!
Marketing Coordinator

Dani Garabedian

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